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benro theta auto-leveling travel tripod Specifications

Benro, the renowned tripod company, has introduced the Theta, a revolutionary camera stabilization device that boasts the title of "the world's first smart modular travel tripod." The tripod's automatic leveling capabilities are one of its primary features that caught the attention of the photography industry earlier this year.

The battery module of the tripod powers the built-in motor and gyroscopes, which extend and retract the three legs intelligently to level the camera in a mere three seconds. With a simple press of a button, photographers can guarantee that their resulting photo will be level, allowing them to focus on crucial aspects such as framing, timing, and composition.

Besides its primary auto-leveling feature, photographers can fine-tune the level using the Theta's mobile app, which is built into the tripod. This is particularly useful for situations like extreme macro photos, where precise adjustments are critical, and manual, physical adjustments may be challenging to make.




Theta auto-leveling travel tripod



Announce Date

09 March 2023

Release Date

Release 2023, April 21


Head Type

Ball Head

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Female

Camera Mounting Screw

1/4"-20 Male

Quick Release Plate Type


Number of Bubble Levels


Friction Control


Independent Pan Lock


Pan & Tilt Range

Vertical Tilt


Panning Range



Load Capacity

17.6 lb / 8 kg

Maximum Working Height

155cm / 61in

Max Height without Center Column               

45.47" / 115.49 cm

Minimum Working Height

15.6" / 39.5 cm

Closed Length

44cm / 17.3in


Aluminum Alloy


1.25kg/2.7 lbs


Leg Lock Type

Twist Lock

Leg Positions

3 Positions

Independent Leg Spread


Leg Sections


Leg Diameter

0.5" / 12 mm (Minimum)

0.6" / 15 mm

0.7" / 18.4 mm

0.9" / 21.8 mm

1.0" / 25.2 mm (Maximum)

Bubble Level


Feet Features

Rubber, Removable

Detachable Monopod

Maximum Working Height

62.2" / 158.0 cm

Leg Sections


Monopod Foot Features

Removable, Rubber

Center Column

Center Column Features

Removable, Reversible, Split

Center Column Shape


Center Column Sections


Center Column Extension Type


Lateral / 90-Degree Center Column               


Ball Head
The Theta tripod features a unique ball head with a locking system designed to optimize its leveling abilities. By turning a knob, photographers can easily "click" the ball head into place and secure the roll movement, ensuring that the head stays aligned with the tripod and leveled. Even when the roll is locked, photographers can still adjust the pan and tilt movements to achieve their desired framing and composition.
The Theta boasts another groundbreaking feature: three waterproof ports located at the top of the tripod legs that allow for the use of swappable smart modules. Aside from the battery module, there are other specialized smart modules that offer additional features and capabilities. 

One of the optional smart modules for the Theta is the camera control module, which enables photographers to remotely adjust settings and access a live view through the Theta app. As long as the tripod is paired with a compatible camera, photographers can remotely trigger the shutter, start and stop video recording, and capture a series of frames automatically without the need for a shutter cable or intervalometer.

Additionally, there is an optional optical matrix sensor module that's designed explicitly for time-lapse photography.

In addition to the innovative "smart" features, the Benro Theta tripod also offers all the standard features and specifications one would expect from a travel tripod.

The trigonous central shaft of the tripod allows for the three legs to be seamlessly tucked against it when fully collapsed, leaving no wasted space and ensuring optimal compactness and portability. The legs can be easily extended or retracted, and the locking mechanism firmly holds their length in place once adjustments are made.

Despite its relatively small and lightweight design, the tripod's carbon fiber round leg tubes offer both strength and stability, ensuring photographers can capture sharp photos and shake-free footage.


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